The BEST and WORST things about working in London


First of all before I launch off into this post, I just wanted to say a huge apology for not posting for a whole month. January was a very busy month for me this year, however I know this is not an excuse and I promise I will be posting a whole lot more going ahead into 2018!
With that out the way, this post is going to be 5 things I love about working in London, and 5 things I don’t love so much about working in the big city. If you’ve read my ‘About’ section, you’ll know that I recently started an apprenticeship in London, so these are a few things I have discovered when it comes to working there!
What I LOVE about working in London- All the amazing places nearby. London is home to so many amazing sights and pretty destinations, and being able to work there means that I can head out and see them in my lunch break, or go and hang out in cool bars and restaurants after work. I work pretty much on Oxford Street which is AMAZING for the soul.. (but terrible for the bank balance). Bei…

My New Years Resolutions



I cannot believe how quickly 2017 has gone?! It's mental?! Someone told me when I was younger that as you get older time starts going quicker & quicker and then all of a sudden, before you know it, you're 20. I always thought pfffft nooo thats not true?! Well.. it's true. Time is going way too fast for my liking at the moment.

So being as we have now entered the new chapter that is 2018, I thought I'd share some of my New Years Resolutions for this year. By 'New Years Resolutions' I mean: 'totally realistic & achievable goals that I am way too lazy to actually put my mind to', however we all like to kid ourselves into thinking that we will 'actually stick to them this year' .. don't we?

I'm sure there's many New Years Resolutions that are way more constructive / meaningful than this, however if you stumble across this post and are looking for some inspiration, hopefully these aren't co…

What I Wear In A Week - Winter Edition


So this week’s post is dedicated to fashion being as I am a total clothing addict. I have always been the girl that dresses firstly for the fashion statement and then for practicality (much to my Mother’s disapproval). In this post I thought I’d share with you my week in outfits, however this post is specifically tailored for the winter time & maybe if this post does well I’ll post others like it for the other seasons! I personally find that winter is the hardest season clothing wise. I’m a really warm-blooded person so if I wear a thick jumper I’ll be warm outside, yet sweating indoors, but then if I opt for a t-shirt I’ll be freezing outside and just right inside. You get my struggle? So I thought I’d show you what I wear that helps tackle this issue & the cold weather in general. I’m sure this post will be nothing exciting / new to anyone as lots of people create posts like this, but I love seeing what other people wear for outfit inspiration, so I thought I would …